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How to choose the perfect thread

It can be intimidating to be confronted by the rainbow wall of threads at your local fabric store. Here’s how to choose the perfect one!

For a matching thread:

  1. Take a small sample of your fabric with you.
  1. Choose 3-4 spools that look similar to the background colour on your fabric – just eyeball it.
  1. Unwind some thread off each spool (about 10-15cm).
  1. Lay the strands of thread on your fabric to check the colour match. The colour that disappears is the correct one. I find it usually tends to be a case of no, no, almost, no, that one!

A few tips:

Better quality thread is better for your machine and is easier to sew with – less fluff, less breakages. I use Gutermann or Rasant.

Most thread is made from polyester – it’s strong and holds colour well, Gutermann makes an rPet thread that is made from recycled polyester – mostly from plastic bottles.

For most projects, a 100m spool is sufficient – it’s what I buy if I’m making a dress, top, or pair of trousers. For something more involved, like a tailored jacket, you may need 250m.

You can use up the leftover thread on the spool to sew gathering stitches or stay stitches on other makes – these stitches will either be removed or covered up so it doesn’t matter what colour they are.

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Happy sewing!