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Viscose – Nenuphar Sample


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Nénuphar is the very essence of Lise Tailor’s spring collection. The movement of this motif is reminiscent of that of water, omnipresent in Monet’s paintings painted on the edge of his pond. We find the same effect as this artistic current where small paint stains come to form a bucolic landscape. It is by getting closer that these touches of color turn out to be small flowers. Like a reflection on the water, blue intertwines with orange, lilac and green hues on an off-white background.

Why choose viscose?

Viscose is a light and breathable fabric. It does not cling to the body, but drapes over it beautifully. In loose fitting garments, viscoses moves as you do. It is wonderful in swing tops, full skirts, and works well with gathers and pleats. This viscose has a bit more structure than other viscoses, so it is not slippery to sew and less wrinkly. 

Composition: 100% viscose, FSC and STeP by OEKO-TEX® Certified.

Width: 137cm 

Weight: 135gsm

Drape: Medium

Opacity: Opaque

Directional Print: No

Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 30 C. Iron on the wrong side with a medium to low heat. Do not tumble dry.